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7/7 Mark Ryan…and Mark Ryan

Woodinville wine tasting is always a surprise, and I love that about it.  You never quite know what you’re going to get–in the best possible way!–and today was no exception.

We read about Mark Ryan in our wine book, and were excited to try it given the description.  Upon arrival at Hollywood, I was a bit puzzled, expecting big reds and fairly expensive bottles.  Took us about a solid 10 minutes to figure out that Mark Ryan has TWO separate brands–and we were tasting the newer, more affordable label–which is actually called Board Track Racers.  (I think we must have an old version of the Woodinville wineries map; Mark Ryan proper used to be at Hollywood.)  We left with a great Rosé, perfect for summer, at the affordable price tag of $14.  Here’s my super rad only picture from Board Track Racers:

WP_000257 (1)

Since we still wanted to taste the original Mark Ryan wine, we asked about the location of that tasting room.  Turns out it’s closeby, so we walked across the street to the Purple Cafe plaza.  I was excited to try the two Mark Ryan brands back to back!  It was hopping in the tasting room, and I can see why.  I was delighted with almost every wine I tried!  Rich, bold, complex reds with plenty of acidity.  Quality of the fruit he’s starting with is clearly GREAT.  Jonathan actually preferred the Board Track Racers brand, but Mark Ryan moves to the top of my Woodinville favorites list.  Wines were a bit pricey, so I didn’t spring for any today, but the next time we have a special occasion or a reason to splurge on a bottle, I’ll be seeking out a bottle of Mark Ryan.  I can see why it’s considered “One of the new cult wineries of Washington.” (Wine Enthusiast)  It’s seriously fun to try new wines every weekend and happen upon an unexpectedly great find.

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