I LOVE LIFE.  I could start and end with that.  I’m all for brevity (okay, I’m not, but I wish I were!), but as with anything in life, examples help.

I should start at the beginning: I was born in Binghamton, a small town in upstate New York, and I am very fond of my family that still lives there.   My mom, my brother and I are very close.  When I was little, I enjoyed accessorizing my outfits, catching and studying insects until they gave in to their captivity, and debating with my teachers over such critical issues as: mauve is, in fact, a primary color; and why yes, I am going to become the first female president.   The only rule I ever broke at home was bedtime.   I hate sleeping and still do.

I am short, and have long dreamed of starting an empire company making amazingly stylish pants for short women.  I have red hair and am every bit as fiery and fiesty as the color suggests.

Although I grew up in a small town, I have since called Paris, New York, Boston, and Seattle home.  Sameness bores me, and while I need routine for sanity, I’d also go crazy if I weren’t changing it up and flying by the seat of my pants some of the time.  I hope I can call many other places home by the end of the journey, but until then, I count on traveling to give me the thrill of discovering new places.  I love traveling, but I might love trip-planning even more.

My most prized possessions are letters from loved ones, kitchen tools, books, dresses, and diamonds.

I am particularly passionate about: learning as much as I can about as many things possible, reading, writing, personal development, libraries, coffee, making stuff by hand, entrepreneurship, cooking, gardening, textile history and design, fashion, foreign languages (especially French and Italian), teaching, education reform, vegetables, fruit, nutrition, Bikram yoga, long walks, the beach, traveling, crazy hair-brained schemes, BBC movies, old movies.  Oh, and I would be remiss not to add glittery things!

Looking back over all this makes me realize I should have just stuck with “LOVES LIFE”.  If you read this blog, you’ll learn far more about me than I could summarize in 400 words…


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