4/29 Pepperbridge/Amavi and Otis Kenyon

Today in Woodinville, we found ourselves at the small cluster of tasting rooms behind the Hollywood Schoolhouse, excited to try the reds at Pepperbridge Winery and Amavi Cellars.


Pepperbridge and Amavi share a tasting room (they are sister wineries, because they share a winemaker) so a visit here gets you a tasting of both labels.  Jonathan proclaimed the Amavi cabernet sauvignon outstanding, so we left with a bottle of that (promptly cracking it open a week later when my brother visited Seattle).  I found out afterward that Pepperbridge is commited to sustainable viticulture–basically, very close to being organic–love it!  Before we left, we noticed an outdoor grill area kicking off its opening weekend, so a visit to the 5 tasting rooms behind the Schoolhouse now gives you a great opportunity to linger over a meal on a sunny patio with ample seating.


We crossed the street to hit up Otis Kenyon, which was having a chocolate pairing with its tasting that day–sweet!  Behind the name, there’s some crazy family history involving arson which I won’t give away here, but at any rate, they give matches to visitors, which is a fun touch.  Carmenere was memorable here, since I’d never tried it before…an herbaceous wine tasting of green pepper…not for me, but my taste buds always enjoy a departure from the mainstream!


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